NCK-WiFi is proud to announce the launch of several new "hotspots" across the North Central region of Kansas. Check to see if your area is one of them!


Check out some perks from connecting to the NCK-WiFi network


Tired of slow Internet speeds? Want a better online experience? Sign up today to access uncanny speeds with NCK-WiFi.


Rest assured that the NCK-WiFi network will always stay up and running! No hiccups allowed on this network...Talk about reliable eh?


Feel safe connecting up to the NCK-WiFi network knowing that all our locations on this network are safe and secure!


Advertise your business and More!


Stream videos, play online games, live chat, and more - NCK-WiFi is where it's at

NCK-WiFi is perfect for those busy go-getters who are always on the move

NCK-WiFi is your ticket to a fast, reliable, and safe network - connecting you to friends, family, and the world! Proudly provided by two (2) organizations, in which of whom, have been working in tandem on this project since early 2015: NCKCN (North Central Kansas Community Network) and CTC (Cunningham Telephone & Cable). Both companies are proud to serve you so that you have the best online experience possible... Read More

NCKCN - The North Central Kansas Community Network (NCKCN) is a community-based Internet service provider linking ten (10) cities to form a virtual community that geographically covers nine (9) counties. However, NCKCN is more than a simple Internet service provider, for the concept enables separate places to think regionally and to identify cooperative and collaborate ways to solve mutual problems and to share all resources... Read More

CTC - Cunningham Telephone & Cable (CTC) is a locally-owned independent company providing telecommunication services, including but not limited too: telephone, Internet or video service, and cable to much of Mitchell, Cloud, Republic and Jewell counties in North Central Kansas... Read More


NCK-WiFi is located in (16) different areas which are distributed throughout (7) cities!


Get started by checking out our locations and see if we cover your area!


If need be, learn how to connect by checking out our documentation!


Check to see which devices are compatible and which are not.

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News: NCK-WiFi is proud to announce the launch of several new "hotspots" across the North Central region of Kansas...

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