Connecting up to the NCK-WiFi network is your ticket to a fast, reliable and free access network – connecting you to friends, family and the world!  Proudly provided by 2 organizations, in which of whom, have been working in tandem on this project since early 2015: NCKCN (North Central Kansas Community Network) and CTC (Cunningham Telephone & Cable).  Both companies are proud to serve you so that you have the best online experience possible.

If you find yourself at any one of our hotspot locations and wish to try it out, simply connect up and you will be granted, free of charge, 24 hours of wifi access with speeds up to 10Mbps by 10Mbps (Download by Upload).  After 24 hours, you will need to re-connect if you wish to continue using the NCK-WiFi hotspot.

For more information on where NCK-WiFi is available, please take a look at our locations.



Are you hosting a community event and wish to have NCK-WiFi access?

Aside from having permanent locations setup, NCKCN and CTC offer temporary hotspot locations for those hosting community events!  For example: The Mitchell County Fair held in Beloit, KS or the Belleville Car Show in Belleville, KS.

If you are the person, or know the people who are in charge of hosting an event for your community and would like to have a temporary hotspot setup for your guests, give us a call.  We will be happy to assist if we can.

NCKCN – Beloit Office #: 785-738-2218

CTC – Glen Elder Office #: 785-545-3215



Advertise your business and be seen by hundreds of potential customers at the very moment they connect up to any one of our wifi hotspots!

Why advertise through NCK-WiFi?

  • Attract more customers – Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, utilizing the NCK-WiFi ad program can help.
  • Affordable plans – Savings out the wazooooo.   Pick a plan that best suits your needs.  Whichever plan you choose, feel safe knowing that you just made a great investment for your business.
  • Geo-Targeting – Target your ads to cusomters either locally or geographically.  Locations are based on where we have our wifi hotspots setup.
  • More locations added year round – That’s right folks, more locations are being added to the NCK-WiFi network on a yearly basis.  This allows you to advertise your ads in surrounding areas no matter where your business is stationed.
  • We’re here if you need us – NCK-WiFi allows you to manage your campaign by yourself with ease but if you need any help, feel free to call us at: 785-738-2218.



North Central Kansas Community Network (NCKCN) and Cunningham Telephone & Cable (CTC) first began working on the NCK-WiFi project for North Central Kansas back in 2015.  After several months of thorough testing, to ensure that all kinks were worked out, this project began to take off with flying colors!

After careful planning from both companies, CTC (a telephone, Internet/video, and Cable company) began the first step to establish what NCK-WiFi is today – they began and are in charge of placing fiber cables down where needed so that NCK-WiFi can work properly.  All the while that CTC places these fiber cables down, NCKCN (a community-based wireless Internet service provider) started taking the next step – they began working diligently on setting up the required equipment at certain locations.  They then conduct further testing to ensure each location works properly before making the NCK-WiFi network available for public use.  Once testing is over at each location, a new NCK-WiFi hotspot is born.  These hotspots are made available for anyone as long as they are within the vicinity (range) of that particular hotspot location.

As more and more hotspots pop up around surrounding areas, the stronger the network will become.  At this point, the NCK-WiFi network is still in its infancy stage, but NCKCN and CTC have plans on expanding the network up to 20+ different locations within the North Central Kansas region.