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Your guide on how to connect up to the NCK-WiFi Network

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Step 2 - Connecting Up To The NCK-WiFi Network

This next step could go one of two ways.
Option 1: Allow your phone, tablet, or laptop to connect automatically (if set by default).
Option 2: Manually connecting to the "NCK-WiFi" network.

Option 1: Most phones, tablets, and laptops today connect you up to WiFi hotspots automatically IF you have connected up to that network before and selected the box that says something like: "Connect up Automatically". If you did not change this setting, you should automatically connect up to the "NCK-WiFi" network when you are in range. If in range, a "Splash" page should open up automatically (See Option 2a and 2b for more details). If nothing opened up, you may need to check your WiFi settings and connect up to the network manually (See all of Option 2).

Option 2: After checking your phone, tablet, or laptop WiFi settings from the previous page, simply click or tap on the "NCK-WiFi" network. Upon doing so, a dialog box will open (appear). On this dialog box, there will be text along with two options - either "Cancel" or "Connect" (some phones, tablets, and/or laptops may differ on what is displayed). Click or Tap on "Connect".

2a: After you have clicked or tapped the "Connect" button, you will be redirected to a "Splash" page where if you would like to connect, you will need to read through and agree to our terms of service and acceptable use agreement policies.

2b: After you have read our policies and have agreed to them by clicking the "Agree" button, you will once again be redirected. This time, to the website where you can either browse our website for new content or check out some local businesses.