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Your guide on how to connect up to the NCK-WiFi Network

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This guide will walk you through the steps on how to check our current locations, how to connect up to the NCK-WiFi network, and to see which devices are compatible with our network. As a general rule-of-thumb, if you are not located in any one of our current locations, you will not be able to connect. Please see our locations page to ensure that our network is available at your location.

Step 1 - Check Your Location

The very first step is to ensure you are in a location that the NCK-WiFi network is present. This could go one of two ways.
Option 1: (Optional) - Check our locations page.
Option 2: Check your phone's WiFi settings.

Option 1: Simply visit our locations page and see if we cover your area. (Proceed to Option 2 below)

Option 2: Check your phone, tablet, or laptop WiFi settings.

For those with phones: This can be done by opening your "settings" app → Click or Tap on "Wi-Fi" → and see if the "NCK-WiFi" network is available (or is shown). (Keep in mind that some phones "store" or "save" networks. If this is the case, you may need to "refresh" your WiFi page to see the available list of networks or you could try clicking or tapping on the "NCK-WiFi" network to see if you can connect. If you are unable to connect, it more or less means you are not in an area where NCK-WiFi is available. Please see our locations page to double check.

For those with tablets or laptops: This can be done by clicking the "wireless" icon on your task bar (tray) which is usually located at the bottom-right of your screen. Once you click the icon, a list of WiFi networks will be presented to you. Simply select the "NCK-WiFi" network and click "Connect".