Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: What is NCK-WiFi?

Answer: NCK-WiFi is your ticket to a fast, reliable, and safe network - connecting you to friends, family, and the world via the Internet! It's perfect for those busy go-getters who are always on the move and/or those who enjoy surfing the Internet, those who stream videos, play games, live chat, and more! With speeds up to 50Mbps (depending on your subscription), enjoy the blazing fast speeds of downloading/uploading content via your smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.
Question: How do I connect up to the NCK-WiFi network?

Answer: We have written up a tutorial on how to connect up to the NCK-WiFi network. Please visit our Get Started page and follow the instructions provided.
Question: Where do I go to check all the NCK-WiFi locations?

Answer: Visit our Locations page for a full list and map of our current locations.
Question: What is the NCK-WiFi marketplace?

Answer: The NCK-WiFi marketplace is an online store where you can purchase several different products/services. One service, in particular, gives you the ability to advertise your business through the NCK-WiFi network where you can create a business ad that will then be displayed in front of hundreds of potential customers right after they connect up to any one of the NCK-WiFi hotspot locations!

For more information, check out these NCK-WiFi Marketplace pages.
Question: Who maintains the NCK-WiFi network?

Answer: The NCK-WiFi network is maintained by (2) organizations: NCKCN (North Central Kansas Community Network) and CTC (Cunningham Telephone & Cable).
Question: Who do I contact in regards to setting up an account?

Answer: You can contact either organization - NCKCN or CTC. Both are happy to assist in getting you setup with an account.

NCKCN - Beloit office number: 785-738-2218
CTC - Glen Elder office number: 785-545-3215
Question: Who or What is NCKCN?

Answer: NCKCN, an acronym for North Central Kansas Community Network, is a community-based Internet service provider, specializing in wireless Internet, linking (10) cities to form a virtual community that geographically covers (9) counties. NCKCN is more than just a simple Internet service provider, for the concept enables separate places to think regionally and to identify cooperative and collaborate ways to solve mutual problems and to share all resources.

For more information about NCKCN, please visit their website at:

Question: Who or What is CTC?

Answer: CTC, an acronym for Cunningham Telephone & Cable, is a locally-owned independent company providing telecommunication services, including but not limited too: telephone, Internet or video service, and cable to much of Mitchell, Cloud, Republic and Jewell counties in North Central Kansas.

For more information about CTC, please visit their website at: