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North Central Kansas Community Network

NCKCN PDF The North Central Kansas Community Network (NCKCN) is a community-based Internet service provider linking ten (10) cities to form a virtual community that geographically covers nine (9) counties. However, NCKCN is more than a simple Internet service provider, for the concept enables separate places to think regionally and to identify cooperative and collaborate ways to solve mutual problems and to share all resources.

NCKCN is a public/private partnership between the North Central Regional Planning Commission (NCRPC), a multi-county public planning and development organization headquartered in Beloit, and originally, The Information Age! (TIA), a privately held, for-profit company also located in Beloit.

NCKCN was organized in December 1995, as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Kansas and is registered as such with the Secretary of State. It is managed by a Board of Directors made up of officials of the North Central Regional Planning Commission and the owner of TIA. It also possesses an Advisory Council whose members are selected from the communities choosing to become a part of the region's community network.

One of the primary benefits is access to the Internet and the associated services of E-mail, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Virtual Domain storage and administration, Database storage and integration, etc. for individuals, businesses and institutions.

Businesses, municipalities and individuals possessing a Virtual Domain account, which is a higher cost access service, are provided individual specialized reports that detail the activity associated with "hits" on their Internet site. These reports are provided at no extra charge to the business, in fact, they are set up so the business can access them daily if they choose. This permits businesses to better manage their advertising efforts by measuring the type of visiting clientele, the number, the frequency and the area of interest.

Another benefit is the immediate tie that exists between secondary educational institions joining the system and the North Central Kansas Technical College (NCKTC). Currently, the NCKTC is working with its staff to develop support programs that can be accessed by the various high schools about the region.

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